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Where to buy Ammo online.

Buy ammo

Bullets are by far the most common type of ammo. Small arms range in caliber from 17 to 50. Air pistols and BB guns use a .177 caliber bullet. 38 Special ammo is one of the most popular rounds of ammo in the United States. Despite the name, it is actually a .357 caliber bullet […]

What percentage of Americans own guns?

Guns are deeply ingrained in American society and in American political debates. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution gives Americans the right to bear arms and approximately one-third of American adults claim to personally own a gun. At the same time, President Joe Biden and other politicians have proposed new restrictions on gun […]

How To Reload Ammo

Reload Ammo

Manual loading or reloading has several functions. It allows shooters to become familiar with the ammo and significantly reduces the cost of shooting. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to reload ammo. Let’s move on to the steps of manual reloading. Inspect Take the time to carefully inspect each grip. The cartridges you use […]