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Sig Sauer is a firearm manufacturing which stems from 2 parent companies. This firearms brand specializes in the production of pistols and rifles which are distributed across the world through gun shops and distribution sites like firearmsuppliers online gun shop.

Sig Sauer firearm series

The Sig Sauer firearms pistol series include sig sauer p365, sig sauer p320, sig p226, sig p229, sig sauer p238, sig sauer 1911 and more much which can be found on this site. Sig rifle products include SigM4oo tread, Sig MPX PCC, Sig MPX Copperhead and more.

All certifications needed for the effective distribution of this firearm in the States and around the globe has been obtained as this gun shop is recognized by guns international and the American rifle association.

A new design of firearm was created in response to the Swiss military and police requirement for a handgun to replace the P210. The new design was based on the Petter-Browning design but was simplified. It should properly be called the SIG Sauer System, which is, in fact, the labelling on one of the first SIG Sauer handguns. A modified SIG Sauer P220 design was produced for the Browning Arms company in 1977. On the right side of the slide are the words “SIG Sauer System”. This was the first SIG Sauer P220 type sold in the US. When the sales of the Browning BDA ceased in 1980 the P220 was sold in its own form.

The Sauer 38H had been produced in competition with other German makers such as Mauser and Walther at a time with new designs began to feature a double/single action trigger. The Double Action trigger mechanism combined with the advanced safety features including the hammer lowering decocking lever, were contributed by Sauer to the new P220 design.

Sig Sauer pistol for American Military

The US military has produced a requirement for a new handgun to replace the current M9 model (Beretta 92FS). In February 2016, bids were submitted by 12 companies to compete for this contract which was expected to result in purchases of more than 500,000 pieces. On 1 July 2016, SIG Sauer was reported to be one of three remaining competitors who were in consideration for this contract. On 19 January 2017, SIG Sauer was awarded the contract for the P320.

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