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Buy Sig Sauer online  – Sig Sauer is a firearm manufacturing which stems from 2 parent companies. This firearms brand specializes in the production of pistols and rifles which are distributed across the world through gun shops and distribution sites like Firearmsuppliers online gun shop.

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The Sig Sauer firearms pistol series include sig sauer p365, sig sauer p320, sig p226, sig p229, sig sauer p238, sig sauer 1911 and more much which can be found on this site. Sig rifle products include SigM4oo tread, Sig MPX PCC, Sig MCX Rattler Canebrake and more

In order to meet the Swiss military and police’s need for a pistol to replace the P210, a new firearm design was developed. The Petter-Browning design served as a foundation for the new, more straightforward design. The correct name for it is the SIG Sauer System, which is also how one of the original SIG Sauer handguns was labelled. For the Browning Arms firm, a modified SIG Sauer P220 design was created in 1977. The words “SIG Sauer System” are written on the slide’s right side. The first SIG Sauer P220 model to be sold in the US was this one. The P220 was sold in its own form after the Browning BDA’s sales were discontinued in 1980.

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