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Barrett Rifle is an American Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company which produces sniper rifles and semi-automatics coupled with a host of other fire arms and accessories.

Barrett’s first rifle, the Barrett .50 BMG, was completed in 1982. The Barrett .50 BMG was a shoulder fired, semi-automatic rifle designed around the .50 BMG cartridge. Unique among firearms, Barrett rifle’s barrel recoiled backward after firing

Barrett released the Barrett M82 in 1982, but sales did not take off until 1989. These initial significant sales went to Sweden. Soon after, the M82 was acquired by the American military, who then used it in the Gulf War. Currently, the company has sniper rifle supply agreements with dozens of nations.

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Barrett produces many different types of rifles,  these rifles produced by the firearm giant include Barrett Sniper models such as Barrett REC 10, Barrett Model Rec7 DI CARBINE, Barrett MRAD 300 Norma Mag, Barrett REC7 5.56 NATO, Barrett Model 99.416 Barrett Single Shot Bolt, Barrett M107A 50BMG and Barrett Model M95 Bullpup Rifle.

Although the Barrett was designed as an anti-material weapon, it has also been utilised as a sniper rifle and a semi-automatic because of its rifle calibres. Because of their outstanding quality, Barrett weapons are always in great demand all over the world.
The M82A3 anti-material rifle and a newer model, the M107, are being used by the US military. Armed forces HEIAP ammunition specifically designed for explosive ordnance removal teams is used with it.

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Barrett Rifle

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Barrett Rifle

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