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What is Green Tip Ammo?

What is Green Tip Ammo?

What is Green Tip Ammo? – Whether you have recently purchased your first AR platform rifle or have been shooting for a long time, you have probably heard the phrase “green tip ammo”. This popular 5.56 bullet is also called a “penetrating bullet” because of its 62-grain, partially steel core and greater ability to pierce […]

What Acp stand for in Ammo

What acp stand for in Ammo

What Acp stand for in Ammo – A question that often comes up is what ACP means when it comes to guns and ammo. We see this expression a lot and how it came about is a very interesting story. Most of us know: The invention of the automatic pistol changed the landscape of guns. […]

Why is there shortage of Ammo?

Why is there shortage of ammo?

Conspiracy theories claim that the government is responsible for the ammo shortage. The unprecedented demand is the real cause. A gun owner in Virginia told us that a gun without bullets is just a hammer. And when the ammo supply can’t keep up with demand, you end up with too many hammers. If you walk […]

How To Reload Ammo

Reload Ammo

Manual loading or reloading has several functions. It allows shooters to become familiar with the ammo and significantly reduces the cost of shooting. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to reload ammo. Let’s move on to the steps of manual reloading. Inspect Take the time to carefully inspect each grip. The cartridges you use […]